Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our first rescue experience

We've had Goldens forever and love them dearly. Sam was our first rescue though. We got him about a year ago when he was 4. He was used as a stud and he was/is gorgeous. He had been tied to a tree and was rescued with 2 bitches and 9 puppies as I understand it. He got along with our 11 year old golden, Chester, who made sure he knew who was boss. Chester definitely kept him in line...along with some behavior training with us. We'd never had such a strong minded Golden but he's definitely coming around. Chester died suddenly in Dec and Sam has missed him...and of course we miss him too but we're so glad we got Sam to fill the void. Sam has been snowshoeing and hiking with us and definitely loves the outdoors and the smells of the wild. We keep him close but he is learning to be off leash and come when called. This has taken a number of months but we are definitely more trusting of his behavior now.
Sam is definitely a part of our family and tolerates our little 2 year old granddaughter who loves to poke at him and take him for walks. I definitely recommend EGRR as they helped match us with Sam, a wonderful good natured golden!

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