Saturday, March 19, 2011


Shelby was the greatest dog ever. I am Rory and I am twelve years old. Shelby is a free spirit that can run really fast. I remember when we first got her she was kind of chubby so we called her the "little red sausage". She also would destroy every toy she got. She destroyed a little rubber dog toy tire and I think she might have ate some of it. Shelby even jumped on our counters to eat two frozen chicken patties. That was amazing. I am sure that you have seen those commercials for that "indestructible" dog toy. Well, Shelby ripped the squeakers right out of it. She loved to play tug of war. I would pretend to be a fisherman and the couch was my boat and I would "cast" the rope and wait till Shelby grabbed it. She was so strong she could pull me off the couch. We got Shelby in august of 2006. She died today, February, 22, 2011. She had a tumor in her spleen that caused cancer. We will always remember Shelby as she plays tug of war in heaven.

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