Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on Jazz (Formerly Jasmine) Who I Adopted Spring of 2009

Jazzy has blossomed into a beautiful Golden Retriever senior citizen.  Thinking back to the afternoon that I picked her up at the top of Stevens Pass makes me realize how lucky I am.  She was an unknown but must have had some training because she arrived with lots of good manners.  And she is such a quick study.  I remember one of our leash walks through the park early on -I ended up being dragged, for s short distance, on my belly, while Jazz took interest in a duck.   Jazz is still prey motivated but does really well on the leash.  She is such a dignified lady.   As I leave for work each morning she bounds upstairs to sleep on my bed until I get home.  We are still working on her “other dog” crankiness, but with a few tips from the Academy of Canine Behavior she is no longer reactive to other creatures that we encounter.

Jazz is truly a love machine.  Toys are still not her thing but she loves her walks and car rides. We are both at our best when we’re together.  From that first night she has relished her brushing time and always enjoys a good back scratch.  Did she ever love rolling in the snow!  Wonder if it reminded her of her years in Wenatchee. Jazz wears her nine plus years very well with a beautiful gray mask. 

Must admit that after Clovis died it took me a bit of time to get in tune with this Jazzy red lady but I’ve come to cherish this wonderful creature and can only hope that I’ve enriched her life a bit as much as she enriches mine every day.

Linda S.

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