Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comet's Story

Sometimes it's hard to witness the abandonment of dogs. People can be so heartless. But not every dog is carelessly discarded. Sometimes the rescue is a blessing to a loving owner. Comet's family was an elderly couple. Due to health concerns, the couple needed to move to a nursing home and couldn't take Comet. He was six years old when he came to the rescue and the owners loved him very much.

 I fostered, and subsequently adopted him (something I've been making a habit - but that's another story!) I was told me how broken up the owner was when he left Comet. A few months later, after Comet had worked his way into our hearts and home, I sent some pictures of him to his owner, along with a note telling him how happy we were to have Comet, and how much he was loved. 

I got a long letter back. He said leaving Comet was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do.... harder than having to put a dying dog to sleep, even though that was a heartbreak as well. He was so grateful to know that Comet was in a loving home, and thanked me for the letter. It made me feel good to know that I was able to help not only a dog but also a family trying to do the right thing for their dog.