Thursday, March 29, 2012

Golden Retriever Uveitis

The Evergreen Golden Retriever Club is again sponsoring an annual screening clinic for Pigmentary Uveitis (also known as Golden Retriever Uveitis) at the Animal Eye Clinic on Roosevelt Way in North Seattle. This year's clinic will be held on Saturday, April 28th. The cost is $22 per dog. Registration is limited and can be made by calling the Animal Eye Clinic at 206-524-8822. Call any day except Wednesday and ask to speak to Leah. Once registered, you'll be asked to send in a check 
and they will send you information and directions to the clinic.

Every Golden Retriever from the age of four years should be checked yearly for this condition. This is a serious condition and is thought to be present in as many as 1/3 of all adult Goldens. If left untreated, the dog may develop Glaucoma, resulting in severe pain and blindness. The prognosis for dogs affected with this condition is guarded. With early detection and treatment, some affected dogs will go years without major complications or loss of vision. But more advanced forms of the condition sometimes fail to respond to therapy and vision cannot be saved. 

Please note that this clinic is for pet and rescue dogs, not breeder's dogs or dogs that normally get eye CERFs done.