Friday, April 13, 2012

"Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers"


I wanted to pass on the following information to those who might be interested in and available to attend.  Monday, April 16, Holli Pfau will be a Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island from 5-6 PM for a book signing for her book “Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers”.

I have read this book and found it to be well written and very enjoyable.  The challenges she faces with her 6 Goldens are similar to what many of us have faced with our dogs and if you have ever done agility or obedience with your dog, you’ll really appreciate her stories.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see a chapter devoted to the National Specialty dog show that was held in Snohomish in 2007 and shocked to see my name in that chapter!

I appreciate Holli’s effort to help Golden Retriever causes including EGRR with the sale of her book.  I’ve been told that EGRR will also benefit from books ordered from them during this event. 

Happy Spring!


Nancy Kiesler
Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue
serving western Washington state

Holli Pfau, author of Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers, will be at Eagle Harbor Books, 157 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, on Monday, April 16, from 5 to 6pm. She'll be discussing and signing her books. A portion of all proceeds will go to Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue, serving Western Washington state.

Holli Pfau started her career in advertising and marketing, and was a success. But she decided to switch career paths, inspired by the lives, antics, and talents of her six rescued or second-hand golden retrievers. Now Pfau has written Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers to support the efforts of Golden Retriever Rescue and other dog rescue and adoption programs. Pfau's dogs guided her to a new career in animal-assisted therapy, deeper into wilderness adventures, and to relocation in the Rocky Mountains. Along the way, she added rally obedience and dog agility to her compendium of canine activities. In every case, the dogs led the way. Pure Gold is a tale of unexpected adventures and the richness of life with rescued dogs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

In the summer time my dogs are outside running, swimming, fetching, etc. But this time of year when it's just wet and muddy, I admit I am not inspired to go out as much. But we do have some fun games for inside the house. The favorite is hide and seek. Once they're in a sit-stay, I take my pocketful of treats, find a hiding place and call them. They are determined, and don't quit until I'm found. 
Then we have a little party and do it again. 

Here's another fun activity that gets them all wound up. These fun treat-hiding toys are gaining popularity and you can find a great selection of them at All The Best pet stores, where you can even take your dogs and try them out. Watch Crosby playing with his favorite....

PS - Not a good idea to leave these games unattended. Also, best played one dog at a time!