Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

In the summer time my dogs are outside running, swimming, fetching, etc. But this time of year when it's just wet and muddy, I admit I am not inspired to go out as much. But we do have some fun games for inside the house. The favorite is hide and seek. Once they're in a sit-stay, I take my pocketful of treats, find a hiding place and call them. They are determined, and don't quit until I'm found. 
Then we have a little party and do it again. 

Here's another fun activity that gets them all wound up. These fun treat-hiding toys are gaining popularity and you can find a great selection of them at All The Best pet stores, where you can even take your dogs and try them out. Watch Crosby playing with his favorite....

PS - Not a good idea to leave these games unattended. Also, best played one dog at a time!

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